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Drag Race: Tesla Model Y vs Sheriff’s Explorer

The County Sheriff is back with the Ford Explorer, this time taking on the humble Tesla Model Y

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Now the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Ford Explorer is no stranger to the drag strip. We previously saw it take on the likes of the mighty Nissan GT-R, a Shelby Mustang GT500,, and a quad bike. This time around, it goes up against a far more humble runabout in the form of your every day Tesla Model Y.

Now, as usual, the Wheel’s YouTube channel that put out this video hasn’t mentioned the exact specs of the contenders so we’ll have to make an educated guess here.

Tesla Model Y

Drag Race: Tesla Model Y vs Sheriff's Explorer
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In the blue corner we have what looks like a stock Tesla Model Y, although going by the blacked-out trim, this ought to be the Performance model. It can be had either with rear or AWD with a combined output of 450 horsepower from its dual electric motors. Top Speed is in excess of 150 mph. And it needs all that power as the Model Y has to lug around the added weight of those heavy batteries and the Tesla tips the scale at a whopping 4386 pounds.

Ford Explorer Utility

Drag Race: Tesla Model Y vs Sheriff's Explorer
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The County Sheriff’s Ford Explorer meanwhile is a sixth-generation model with rear-wheel drive. The Utility Explorer is offered with a range of 3.0-liter engines that put out anywhere between 285 to 400 horsepower. With all the extra gear, like the bull bar, your overhead lights, and other equipment on the inside, this Explorer must weigh even more. Although to give you some context, the base car weighs 4853 pounds.

Round One

Drag Race: Tesla Model Y vs Sheriff's Explorer
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With that, the two SUVs line up at the Christmas lights for launch. The Sheriff also turner on his overhead lights. It was going time and the Model Y got a near-perfect launch and was off without much drama as is expected from a Tesla. The Police Explorer set off in hot pursuit and had the siren going. It was an easy win for the Tesla completing the ¼ mile in 12.93 seconds, while the Explorer took 15.74 seconds.

Bonus Round

Drag Race: Tesla Model Y vs Sheriff's Explorer
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But that wasn’t all, the Explorer also took on a Chevy Camaro ZL1 in a bonus round

Okay, we have a Bonus round, with the Sheriff taking on a proper American Muscle car. It is of course the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Now under the hood of the ZL1 lies a 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 engine that produces 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. Long story short, the Explorer was no match for the Chevys visceral power, as it completed the ¼ mile in an impressive 12.31 seconds.

Final Thoughts

Drag Race: Tesla Model Y vs Sheriff's Explorer
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There was nothing dramatic about this pass with the Cop car setting off in hot pursuit, while the Tesla managed its standing quarter of 12.93 seconds

While these races might seem pointless at first, they were obviously staged by the local authorities in a bid to discourage illegal street racing. If you really want to outrun the cops, why not do it in a safe manner within the safe confines of a professional drag strip like the Bandimere Speedway.

You can watch how things unfold in the video below

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