Godzilla invades Dubai

I’ve seen and heard my fair share of video reviews for the Nissan GT-R. It goes without saying, that as one of the most popular performance cars in the world, a lot of people are fans of Godzilla. I count myself among this legion who will watch countless video reviews, despite the GT-R’s relative sameness. But for every one I’ve seen, I’ve picked up some hardy tidbits of new info along the way.

I’m saying this because a new video review – or test drive as some would call it – of the GT-R has surfaced on the Web. This one comes by way of Drag Times Info, specifically one Guram Inskirveli, who spends the entirety of the episode behind the wheel of a GT-R as he drives around the opulent city of Dubai. The episode is admittedly a little difficult to follow, considering Inskirveli talks in Russian. Fortunately, subtitles save the day.

To his credit, Inskirveli gave a lot of interesting points about the GT-R. Most of them have been mentioned before, but there are some things he said that had me raising an eyebrow or two. Given the circumstances, it’s a surprisingly informative test drive of GT-R in a place where supercars and hypercars are more or less treated as daily drivers.

Check out the episode. It runs for almost 12 minutes and it’s worth the watch.

Nissan GT-R

2016 Nissan GT-R Exterior
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