• Drain Me Up, Scotty: This Is How The 2021 Ford Bronco Gets Rid of Interior Water

Four active and six passive drain plugs will flush water out to protect the cabin

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The brand-new, 2021 Ford Bronco is more than just a hauler to drive around in. Just like the Jeep Wrangler, the Bronco was conceived with off-road capability in mind and the right specs will enable it to climb muddy and rocky trails with ease.

Do that without the doors into place and the interior will get dirty, but this isn’t much of an issue since it’s the kind of vehicle you can clean with a hose. And because the Bronco’s floor is fitted with no fewer than 10 plugs, draining the water out of the cabin is not a problem.

Keeping your 2021 Ford Bronco clean is as easy as it gets

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It's never a good idea to hose a car's interior, but the Bronco's was specifically developed for that.

Floors can get really dirty when driving off-road and there’s not much you can do besides using a hose to remove dust and mud. So Ford equipped the Bronco’s floor with multiple plugs that allow the water to drain out so you don’t have to deal with a puddle or wet carpets. The draining system includes four active plugs, which you have to activate yourself, as well as six passive plugs that are always open and ready to drain.

This system also prevents water from going into the rear A/C vents.

While most cars come with rear-seat vents in the center console, the Bronco has them fitted in the floor, under the front seats, due to packaging restraints. The placement caused concerns that hosing down the interior may result in water going down the A/C vents, but the Bronco chief engineer explains that not only they are surrounded by drain plugs, but they’re also elevated. Of course, you still have be careful to avoid hosing the vents directly, but water won’t be able to build up to the point where it enters the air-conditioning system.

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“We have drain provisions around (the under-seat A/C vents), and basically we mind where the ends of them are elevation-wise. Keep in mind, if you have the wash-out interior, you have four active plugs but you also have six passive plugs, no matter if you have the carpet or the wash-out interior," Eric Loeffler told Ford Authority.

Source: Ford Authority

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