Drew Barrymore gets first crack at Jay Leno’s ’Green Car Challenge’

Drew Barrymore gets first crack at Jay Leno's 'Green Car Challenge'
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Drew Barrymore will get the first crack at racing the new all-electric Ford Focus as part of Jay Leno’s new car-racing segment in his new prime-time show on NBC.

The segment, which will be titled, the ‘Green Car Challenge’, will feature a number of Leno’s celebrity guests taking turns behind the wheel of an electric Focus to see who can post the fastest lap time around a specially-designed circuit around the NBC compound in Burbank.

If this bit looks oddly familiar to you, then we give you props for knowing your chops. Leno’s ‘Green Car Challenge’ was inspired by a similar segment done on Top Gear, an extremely popular racing feature in the UK where Leno was once a guest.

Barrymore’s racing lap will be seen on the September 18 episode of Leno’s show, which, incidentally, will give Ford a medium to demonstrate the many features of driving an electric car.

The electric Focus won’t be available until 2011 but according to Nancy Gioia, director of hybrid vehicle programs for Ford, it doesn’t hurt to get the word out to the public that electric cars aren’t as quirky as some people think.

Nevertheless, we’re pretty geeked to see just how much racing chops Drew Barrymore has; we haven’t forgotten those Charlie’s Angels racing scenes where she totally rocked our socks.


Source: USA Today

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