Here’s something that might be worth picking up at an auction – that is if you have at least £5.5 million in your pockets.

This Auto Union D-Type racer is a prized commodity – it’s actually one of the rarest vintage cars in the world - in its own right, but does it justify the £5.5million tag it’s expected to command?

Let’s just say that the previous owner of this car is someone our history books are all familiar with: Adolf Hitler.

As a fanatic of motor racing, the Führer spared no expense in building a team that could dominate all the races it ran back then. The German technological superiority wasn’t any more evident when you look back and see how Mercedes and Auto Union – known as Silver Arrows back then – completely wiped out all other competitors that came their way.

The D-Type racer that will be auctioned off was actually driven by one of Hitler’s BFF’s, Hans Stuck during the 1939 Grand Prix season. What makes this car all the more valuable is due to the unfortunate fate its brethren suffered after the fall of the Third Reich.

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Drive away with Hitler's Auto Union D-Type race car for £5.5m
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After the fall of Berlin to end the war, all of these cars sent to slaughterhouses in Moscow to be reverse engineered back to the scraps from which they came from. Rumor has it that one of thee cars was actually chopped in half just so it could be used as a trailer. Despite the mass killings of this precious vehicle, a number of them survived but was never seen for well over 50 years.

That is until a certain Paul Karassik – God bless him - was able to track down one of these rare vehicles and putting in an original engine that he got from a separate D-Type vehicle and bringing it to British Silver Arrow specialists Crosthwaite and Gardiner, who masterfully restored it back to its former glory.

The result of all their hard work is this fully-restored 1939 Auto Union D-Type Racer and if all of this isn’t enough to justify the hefty price tag this car is expected to command, we might as well go ahead and say that this particular vehicle is, as a matter of fact, one of only three remaining in the world.

Drive away with Hitler's Auto Union D-Type race car for £5.5m
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Source: Daily Mail U.K.

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  (570) posted on 03.3.2010

Wow, that is a fortune. Well, I do wonder now though, who is the owner of this car and what has he done with it?

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