The new 308 RC Z concept car presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show will be on trial on the Peugeot Island which will be opened in the Second Life 3D virtual world on 11 September. The magic of this interactive, multidimensional graphic world allows Second Life avatars* to climb on board this new spearhead of the Peugeot Brand and live a unique experience by taking a journey over a race track in this innovative virtual place of stylistic composition.

This thoroughly modern Peugeot Island, featuring Design, will make it possible for "Second Lifers" to discover in 3D the concept car Flux, winner of the fourth Peugeot Design Contest, a full-scale model of which is presented on the Peugeot stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

In a few figures, Second Life represents 9 million avatars* with an average of 30,000 simultaneous logins, US$7 million in revenues per month (source: Linden Lab 2007) and more than 7000 companies hosted.

Two paths are proposed to you for a visit to the Second Life Peugeot Island: visit Peugeot’s Frankfurt Motor Show website (http://www.peugeotiaa. de/indexEN.html) where you will be able to discover all the Brand’s new products, but also numerous videos including the film of the 908 HDi DPFS at Le Mans and the TV commercial for the new Peugeot 308 (being aired from 20 September), or quite simply download a 308 RC Z screen saver. The other way is to type the address directly in your Web browser.

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