DriveClub was one of the most anticipated games of 2014 for PlayStation 4 owners, but a delayed launch coupled with missing features and shaky servers served to cripple the game in the eyes of players. Since its release, Sony has been working to get things fixed and just the other day it released an update that added one of the most talked about and anticipated features of the game; dynamic weather.

In its simplest sense, at any time you are driving around the world and in any race the weather can instantly change. Just as in real life, a rapid change of weather affects car handling, visibility and the outcome of the race. If you are unprepared to handle your car in a downpour of the wet stuff, you are not likely to win. This addition of changing weather conditions adds a dash of uncertainty and excitement to every race that should serve to make DriveClub even more fun to play.

As a nice little bonus the reflections and spray of the water on the cars looks incredible and makes DriveClub an even better-looking game than it was before. If you don’t believe me, hit that play button and just give it a look. Wet cars look better than dry ones. The game even manages to get all the little details right. In cockpit view you can see the wipers working including an actual clearing of the windscreen, complete with streaky back-wipe, and with enough speed the water droplets stream down the side window. If you are not in cockpit view, the screen itself gets plastered with water droplets to simulate the reduced visibility that comes with wet weather.

It sucks that players had to wait so long for this feature, but in this video at least, it appears that the wait was worth it.

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