An entire decade of excess, the 1980s have remained in history as a period of extravagance, whether you’re talking about clothing, hairstyling, cocaine use or white supercars with plenty of vents and 12-cylinder engines. Despite some probably arguing that the Lamborghini Countach in LP5000QV or 25th Anniversary guise would be more fit as the "definitive supercar of the 1980s," it is the Ferrari Testarossa that many as the supercar that defined the decade.

With an emblematic appearance in the third season of Miami Vice, the Italian redhead is now synonymous with the culture of the 1980s, being the sports car of choice for what was probably the first generation of self-absorbed yuppies and highly-successful crack dealers. Not that the footage above would ever admit that, of course, as it depicts the personal views of arguably the best-known Ferrari mechanic in the UK: John Pogson.

A mechanic by trade and a Ferrari fan and petrol head by chance, Pogson is known for not only repairing a hefty amount of F40s and other emblematic Ferraris from the old-school era, but also racing plenty of Maranello’s machinery on Europe’s circuits to great success. The video above is all about Pogson’s infatuation with the Testarossa though, and it is worth being watched even only for the aural exhaust sounds of Ferrari’s last flat-twelve engine in a production car. With a total displacement of 4.9 liters and 380 horsepower in the U.S. variant, the engine from the Testarossa helped the car hit 60 mph in a little over five seconds, while its top speed stood at 180 mph. Not exactly a ground-breaking performance, even for the time, but the model was in many ways a grand tourer.

Ferrari Testarossa

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