Going by these tragic pictures out of Dallas, Texas, it’s sure looking like there’s one less McLaren P1 in the world, and if that’s not cringe-worthy enough, this example was less than a day old. A $1-million, 903-horsepower hybrid hypercar is something to be driven and enjoyed, but it’s also not a car that should be trifled with. Its performance has been well documented in these halls, but when a car like the P1 is capable of hitting 60 mph in 2.6, even the lightest brush of the throttle is enough to land you in jail or, worse yet, get you in some serious trouble with any nearby solid objects.

According to investigators, the driver lost control after hitting a wet patch and smashed into the guardrail at 7:41 a.m. on Wednesday, November 26. Judging by the damage on all sides it looks like the P1 was traveling at some pretty high speeds before it struck the guardrail and possibly even flipped end over end. The passenger-side door was also removed after the accident, possibly to extract the occupants.

Luckily, no one was seriously hurt in the accident. The 27-year-old driver and 24-year-old passenger were taken to Parkland Hospital for non-life threatening injuries. The occupants probably have the incredibly strong construction of the MonoCage safety cell to thank for that. The P1 isn’t just bonkers fast; it’s also bonkers safe.

The crash is still under investigation, so some new details still may come to light, but it’s been confirmed with the dealer that sold the car, Park Place Premier Collection, that it had been picked up just one day before the crash. Going by the pictures snapped by Instagram user @davesplace, it’s hard to tell the full extent of the damage. It could be salvageable, but usually when a carbon tub is cracked or damaged, it’s pretty much done. Hopefully, this 1-in-375 rarity is an exception.

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Why it matters

We might never know the full details of this accident, but it sure sounds like a 27-year-old’s over-exuberance got the better of him. I get it. We’d all be stoked to have a brand-new McLaren P1 in our garages, but these cars deserve respect. Even with the trick differentials and electronic aids that bail the less talented drivers among us out of some hairy situations, no car is foolproof.

If you’re going to shell out over $1 million for a car that’s faster than many racecars, it might also be a good idea to seek out some professional instructions to get the most out of the car and also to keep yourself safe.

McLaren P1

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