• Driver’s Foot Gets Stuck Between Pedals And Results In A Freak Accident

Why did he not...? How is this possib...? WHAT ON EARTH...

Okay, what the hell just happened here? A Mazda2 Supermini came speeding into a parking lot, smashed through a gate, landed on the roof of an office, and rolled backwards before falling to the ground. What is up with people these days?

Atleast No One Was Hurt

According to WSB-TV Atlanta, the driver of the car, Stanley Clarke, sustained only minor injuries.

Right after speeding his way into the parking lot of a Chiropractic office, Clarke’s Mazda dropped down into the driveway below upside down, right in front of a car wash. Luckily, there was no one standing underneath.

“It shook the foundation of the floor,” said Dr. Aletha Chappelear, a chiropractor who witnessed the incident. “It shook the foundation of the building and the walls.” “It’s truly a miracle that things happened the way that they did and that no one was hurt,” She said that the building’s solid structure is the only thing that kept the car from crashing through the roof, which could have been extremely dangerous not only for her but also her patients.

Driver's Foot Gets Stuck Between Pedals And Results In A Freak Accident
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The freak accident happened because 63-year old Clarke’s foot got stuck between the gas and brake pedals, resulting in the loss of control and leading to the mishap. The video also shows the car driving up fast before falling down.

Could the driver have shifted to neutral and applied handbrake?

Easy for us to say! Also, we don’t think that the folks working at the car wash will be able to enter or exit without looking up for a long time now.

These kinds of things could happen to any of us. While some may react and act fast, some may panic and not know what to do before it’s too late. Do you think this is based on pure instincts, or should people be prepped somehow in advance with mock situations? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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