A proper test of Germany’s greatest export

Although Jeremy Clarkson contends it’s a Beetle and was therefore designed by Hitler, we all know the truth – the Porsche 911 is in actuality a true-blue track weapon capable of mass lap time destruction. One of the latest (and fastest) iterations is the 991.2 GT3, a facelifted apex-hunter that was bred and designed for one very clear purpose: domination in the world of speed. As such, it’s got more aero, a larger engine, a retuned suspension, and a few other tweaks to make it even better than it was before. But how much better is it really? DriveTribe’s Editor-at-Large, Jethro Bovingdon, decided to find out, and took the new GT3 to the Anglesey race circuit for some first-hand, foot-down, ass-out research.

In this in-depth eight-minute, 41-second video review, Bovingdon does an excellent job in pushing the Stuttgart superstar above and beyond the limit, all while narrating the experience for the viewer’s benefit. And while it’s undeniably entertaining to watch the Porsche slide around the racetrack, the biggest turn on has to be the sound of four liters and 500 horsepower wailing away at 9,000 rpm.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the reviewer seems to know what he’s doing behind the wheel, and has plenty of info to relay while crossed up in the corners. If you like Porsches and gorgeous-looking track vids, then grab the headphones, hit full screen, and press play.


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