No number of virtual creatures is worth your life or anyone elses...

Pokemon Go. It’s turning into a huge pain for people who don’t play the game or have a job to do. There has been at least one account of a player walking into traffic and getting hit by a vehicle, and businesses are starting to post notices that Pokemon Go players are banned unless they are for playing customers. There have even been a few articles out there that falsely claim players have caused accidents because they were playing while driving. Well, here is another article about someone crashing their car while trying to play, but this time, there is video evidence and a pretty good reaction from the driver who caused the accident.

This accident happened in Baltimore while officers were discussing a call they had just taken care of when all of the sudden, BAM – a young driver sideswipes a police car has he tries to catch a Pikachu or some other kind of stupid virtual creature. The officers immediately run after the SUV that struck the officer’s patrol car, which came to a stop at the end of the block. Luckily nobody was hurt, but the driver – who did genuinely feel bad and probably really idiotic – summed up what happened perfectly:

“That’s what I get for playing this dumbass game.”

That’s right, buddy – that’s exactly what you get. The Pokemon Go craze is getting ridiculous and, quite frankly, this guy is lucky that he didn’t hurt himself or anyone else. Let this serve as a warning to all of you who can’t seem to look away from your phone screen for a second:

Pay attention to what you’re doing, where you’re going, and – for the love of whatever religion you believe in – quit trying to catch mythical creatures while you’re driving before you kill yourself or someone else. Click play and watch the short body cam video for yourself.


Source: USA Today

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