How can I speak about cars when the driver of this Mercedes CLK manage to caught the attention so easy.But not with bling wheels or a tuning kits, but with his driving technics.We ask ourselves if this is the standard parking in Spain.When he got out from the car he might feel like a Hummer driver.

Driving lesson: Icy Spain
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If you take this serious, the driver was seriously in danger when he try to get out because from what we sow the Mercedes is not so stable with only one weel on the ground so it might risk to harm itself.From now you have to take care when you drive on icy road , or you can rise your ride high from the ground very fast, even if you dont live in Spain.

Fortunately, nobody was injured and the driver lived a scary and spectacular incident but not a tragedy. 

Driving lesson: Icy Spain
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Blas Nicusor
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