Do you like to text while driving? Yeah I do too- it is a quick way to communicate while driving and it is better than taking up your whole hand while driving right? Dont get to use to it in states such as Washington and Oregon. WHY?

Legislators in Washington and Oregon are looking to ban this activity. Already officials have dubbed this soon to be offense as "Driving while Texting." The activitity amongst others electroinc activies (ie Ipod use) is said to be the cause of many accidents. So what does mean for the future?

In the future other States could draft such laws stating that driving while texting is illegal- which in actuality seems like a pretty bogus law for all states to be setting forth. What if your text is an emergency? And not all texting behavior is putting others at risk- the most riskful text-mesage-driving or shall I say R-T-M is when your on the highways , or in busy city conditions. This is where texting bans could be helpful. Ultimately the laws need to be more specific and relate to driving conditions and the individual.


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