• Dubai Gets a Lotus Evora Ambulance

    First its police dpartment gets million-dollar supercars, and now its paramedics get a Lotus Evora ambulance. What won't Dubai buy?

You’ve probably heard about some of the crazy cars that Dubai deploys for law enforcement; standouts include the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF, and even a Bugatti Veyron. Nevermind issuing speeding tickets to billionaire oil tycoons, what if you find yourself in need of prompt medical attention? Fear not, because the latest addition to this fleet of outrageous public service vehicles is the Lotus Evora Ambulance. Obviously, in this group, the term “first responder” is taken to a whole new level.

According to the UAE publication The National, special on-board equipment includes the usual ambulance affair: splints, cardiac defibrillators, and oxygen bags, plus a “mobile data terminal” to keep track of important patient medical information. Additionally, a pair of Mustangs will compliment the 160-mph Evora. Thanks to a better power-to-weight ratio and increased handling capabilities, officials hope the sports car ambulances will help cut average response time down from eight minutes to under four.

Click past the jump to read Dubai’s official statement.

Dubai’s Official Statement

“We plan to do special training since driving a sports car is not the same like driving regular cars,” said Zaid Al Mamari, a paramedic with the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services. “We will initially showcase the car in tourists places like the Jumeirah Beach Residences and Burj Khalifa. The second step is to start using them.”

We can only guess what Dubai’s public servants will ride in the future. Perhaps a Hummer fire truck? How about a Maserati meter maid?

Lotus Evora

2013 Lotus Evora S Exterior
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