How can you miss a flashing light that says “stop?”

Going to an automated car wash should be about the easiest thing you have to do in life. It’s easy – you either pull up to a predetermined location, put the car in neutral, and let it do its thing or you pull up to a certain spot and remain there while the machine works around you. It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t take a fifth-grade education. But, not all people live in the bright row of the crayon box as you’ll see from this video below.

Simple catastrophe could have been prevented had the driver of this car just followed the instructions. Instead, they decided to drive forward and backward through the car wash, eventually getting hooked on the top brush. Instead of just driving out of the wash as common sense (hopefully) told them to do, they decided to back up. In doing so, the car pulled on that top brush and the machine came right down, crushing the back of the car.

Now, unless this was a mobster with someone in the truck, it’s unlikely that anyone was hurt as the machine hit the very rear of the car. But, this could have turned out much worse than it really was. The whole time watching the video my eyes couldn’t ignore that flashing light that says “stop” so it leads us to wonder just what the driver was thinking. The video is rather short and there’s no telling what happens after the machine crushes the car, but you can be sure there was an interesting conversation between the owner and driver. Check out this bit of craziness below and let us know what you think!


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Source: H/T to Motor 1

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