Its six minutes long, but we guarantee that it’s worth the watch.
And no, this is not an ad for theNissan GT-R. What it is, is a independent short film by Dylan Osborn titled ‘Inheritance’.

The whole plot revolves around four siblings whose wealthy father recently died. As part of his will, he orders his children to race around the estate, on to the backroads, and back home to the finish line. The price? His entire riches, complete with ‘the keys to the kingdom’.

As you can expect, the kids came with some pretty nice rides of their own, except the ‘rebel daughter’ Emily, which, brought with her a Datsun 240Z. Having pretty much thrown in the towel, Emily gets a nice surprise from the family butler, who hands her the key to a Nissan GT-R.

We’re not going to spoil the ending so as not to ruin the whole thing. Better watch it.


Source: Dylan Osborne Film

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