While most environmentalists are focusing on cleaning up the atmosphere by slowing down cars, other green engineers are working on harnessing as much potential energy as possible in order to create true zero emission super cars. This past Frankfurt Motor Show saw the Germans unveiling both the all new Audi e-Tron concept as well as an electric SLS AMG factory built 21st century super cars. Following up on their open wheeled E-1 electric sports car, the battery powered car builder e-Wolf has come up with a very aerodynamic body for the new E-2 that is light years ahead of the previous generation vehicle.

e-Wolf E-2
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The e-Wolf E-2 electric super car has a nose inspired by a Ferrari Enzo, the tight tapered rear end of a Lexus L-FL and the stance of a Lamborghini Murcielago made up of sharp creases and bulging air scoops. Underneath carbon fiber composite two seater body are four electric motors that combine to produce a maximum output of 536 HP and 738 lb-ft of torque. The benefit of an electric drive train is that all 1000 Nm of thrust are available right off the line. Even though it will only weigh around 900 kg anyone who has ever owned an electrically powered remote control car can tell you that driving at high speeds drains the batteries. That is most likely one of the reasons why the E-2’s top speed has been limited to 155 MPH and the range is a rather conservative 185 miles.

In order to aid with the lengthy refueling process, the e-Wolf E-2 will feature a rapid recharging mode that will power up 80% of the batteries in about 30 minutes, considerably shorter than what it would take to power up a traditional plug in electric vehicle. It is nice to know that despite the rising price of gas and depletion of fossil fuels that there are still people in the world working on going fast in a green way. The prototype will debut sometime in 2011 and production will commence shortly thereafter. Tesla owners be warned!


Source: e-Wolf

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