EA to Launch Need for Speed World

Okay PC gamers, get ready to race. EA Video Games has announced that they will be launching Need for Speed World exclusively for your PC this summer. NFS World is a massive multiplayer online racing game that boasts a huge selection of authentic licensed vehicles with thousands of parts that will allow the gamer to customize their vehicle in any way shape or form. After customization of their vehicle is complete players will get to race over 150 miles of the world’s open roads in pursuit of the winner’s circle. Play in some of the classic modes from Need for Speed Carbon and Need for Speed Most Wanted or try out the new line of exciting races.

Although the trailer following the jump offers excellent graphics, we must admit that we do not feel they are as good as the videos provided for Need for Speed Shift or their Exotic Racing Series pack. Let’s hope as EA reveals more details about the game that we will be proved wrong.

Let us know what you think, follow the jump to watch the Need for Speed World trailer and to get more details on the game.

"Need for Speed World is the world’s first MMO racer - a completely new entertainment experience for speed junkies all over the world," said John Doyle, Need for Speed World Senior Producer. "We have expanded Need for Speed’s classic adrenaline fueled racing with an all-new power up system and deep RPG style progression to create a truly massive, socially-connected white-knuckle Need for Speed experience."

EA has also designed the NFS Universe so gamers can compete with thousands of other racers and the NFS online community so you can brag about your wins or get made fun of because of your losses. It’s all for the love of the game.

Since nothing is ever perfect and EA just closed beta you can enlist to be one of the first people to test Need for Speed World by signing up at their official website. Testers will have the opportunity to play the game and offer constructive feedback to the development team.

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  (647) posted on 10.21.2010

that sound so interesting.

  (442) posted on 10.21.2010

Apparently it wasn’t released on the PS3 or PC due to licensing issues. However it’s been announced that the Xbox and PS3 will be getting more DLC come March. With an unknown release date for PC DLC, probably due to increased bootlegging of Shift.

  (341) posted on 10.18.2010

This is been release for the xbox360 cause its to directly sell against the new forza 3 map pack. It will be release for PS3 later i guess

  (702) posted on 08.23.2010

This is the very first time I’m going to play my favorite game and play it with the world!.

  (780) posted on 04.21.2010

Me too, I don’t like the graphics compared to the Gran Turismo and other Need for Speed sequels. I hope they can improved the graphics of this game.

  (417) posted on 03.21.2010

Here we go again. I’m really craving for this game I’ve already finished the shift.

  (504) posted on 03.19.2010

I haven’t really been a fan of Need for speed since they have launched Need For Speed Carbon, I don’t really liked the graphics compared to the Gran Turismo and other Need for Speed sequels. I do hope that they launch Gran Turismo soon as it has been years since they have updated their games, I only saw previews and teasers for the game.

  (461) posted on 03.18.2010

Another amazing game from EA, well i haven’t yet finished the Shift yet. Here they are again releasing another NFS. dang... Kudos to EA.

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