Meet the Earthroamer XVLT, the baddest RV on the planet. If Rambo and McGyver came together to build a camping rig, this would be it. The XVLT is built off a Ford F-550 Super Duty Chassis Cab and is powered by the mighty 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8. With 400 horsepower and a globe-twisting 800 pound-feet of torque, the turbodiesel doesn’t care how much weight it has to lug up mountains.

Earthroamer has been manufacturing off-road campers for decades, and the XVLT doesn’t let lose of the legacy. The stock Ford suspension is ditched in favor of a heavy-duty air suspension system with two bags up front, along with four bags out back that replace the rear leaf spring setup. The F-550’s six tires are replaced by four military-grade Continental tires and beadlock wheels.

At the Super Duty’s front, Earthroamer adds a massive bumper fitted with an array of on- and off-road lighting and a winch rated for 16,500 pounds. At the other business end, a second winch with an identical rating is mounted above the 12,500-pound-rated trailer hitch receiver. Swing-away cargo boxes add storage or cooking options. Pull the lever and the boxes reveal additional storage integrated into the custom-built camper shell.

The Earthroamer XVLT is all about exploration off the grid. It contains a massive battery pack that powers everything on the inside. The bank is recharged by roof-mounted solar panels during the day, along with the alternator when the engine is running. Self-contained fresh, gray, and black water boxes keep everything in its place while an additional 50-gallon fuel tank gives the XVLT a 90-gallon diesel fuel capacity.

Of course, that’s just the outside. Keep reading for more on the Earthroamer XVLT

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Things inside the XVLT are quite comfy. A king size bed is the primary sleeping area while room for two more is available by folding table and chairs as in a traditional RV. A full kitchen offers all the conveniences of home, but in a tidier area. Heck, there’s even a built-in Keurig coffee machine.

Best of all, Earthroamer builds each camper to order, both inside and out. Want different driving lights or dining dishes, Earthroamer will accommodate.

Oh, and as for pricing, expect to cut a check worth anywhere between $280,000 and $500,000 – depending on how you spec it out.

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