Although it is a little late for April Fools, there is no better way to celebrate Labor Day than with a car that will require a lot of labor. Enter the Paykan.

The Hillman Hunter was a good car for Britain, but it had run its course by 1976 — or at least in Europe. Chrysler, who owned Hillman at the time, sold the body pressings to the Iranian government, and the Paykan 1600 was born. Essentially an old Hillman with a Peugeot 504 engine, the Paykan soldiered on for almost thirty more years.

This 1998 car on eBay means you can get in on one of the latest examples of the car that put Iran on the road (more likely on the side of the road if you believe the quality reports.) Classy.


Source: eBay

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  (428) posted on 02.21.2010

It doesn’t look that bad. If it were a fuel efficient car, I might get it but there are already a lot of cars out there that can give good mileage and guidance.

Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 09.1.2008

70s British quality and 90s Iranian attitude... now there’s a combination!

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