It’s showroom fresh with only 18,000 miles

Ebay is full of interesting vehicles, but few trucks are as attention grabbing as this 16-year-old Ford F-250. This Island Blue pickup is a one-owner ride with just over 18,000 miles on the clock. It might be 16 years old, but it looks showroom fresh with nary a sign of wear or abuse.

Making the truck even more special, this 2000 model F-250 is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission backing the legendary 7.3-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbodiesel. It’s basically the Holy Grail powertrain of heavy duty Fords. Oh, and it’s 4WD.

Aftermarket mud flaps and just a hint of surface rust on the trailer hitch receiver are the only tarnish on the truck’s mint, showroom condition. Beyond that, the truck still wears its original Firestone Steeltex A/T tires and five-spoke wheels, two-tone paint, side steps, spray-on bedliner, and the extendable trailer mirrors.

Inside, the tan interior is immaculate, complete with carpeted floor mats, leather seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, wood trim, and the original AM/FM/CD/Cassette radio. This rig came from the Ford factory with the Lariat trim, making it a range-topping model in its day. Its Extended Cab and front bench seat configuration means it has room for six in a pinch or four comfortably. The rear bench seat folds upwards, creating a flat load space for cargo. Access to the rear is given via the rear-hinged “suicide” doors.

Of course, there’s that 7.3-liter Power Stroke. It generates 235 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque while making the most distinctive diesel clatter known to man. The four-speed manual transmission with overdrive gives the truest sensation of diving a big-rig this side of a Peterbilt. The only thing that could make this powertrain better is an old-school, dog-leg transfer case for the 4WD. Then again, the electronic switch gives the dash a new-school feel.

Bidding is currently at $8,200 with 16 people vying for ownership. There’s four days left on the auction, so the price will surely rise a considerable amount. A quick search on shows the truck’s private party value at $14,448, so expect bidding to hit at least $15,000 before time runs out. Be sure to check out the original Ebay listing here.

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Why It Matters

Ebay Find of the Day: 2000 Ford F-250
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It’s hard to believe someone has babied this F-250 so well over the past 16 years, having only put 18,919 miles on the odometer. Think about it – that’s only 1,182 miles per year! This Super Duty was definitely someone’s garage queen. While I’d have to strongly resist the urge to preserve this truck for a museum, the poor thing need to stretch its legs. I bet it hasn’t even towed a trailer or been anywhere slippery enough to justify 4WD.

Still, one look under the hood and its plain to see its owner has taken great care keeping it in top shape. Look how green that coolant it! And dust? There is none. Dirt and spider webs? None here. Yeah, this F-250 is definably something special.

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