Visteon will demonstrate eCoupled-powered wireless charging, allowing electronic devices to be charged wirelessly within an automobile environment. This in-vehicle technology eliminates the need to have dedicated power cords for each portable device in the vehicle. The user simply places the device on Visteon’s wireless charger, and power is transferred by electromagnetic induction from the charging surface to the user’s portable device at a rate comparable to a plug-in power cord. The wireless charger contains intelligence that can determine if an object is in close proximity to the charger and whether the object can be charged.

eCoupled technology is powering a new ecosystem of consumer devices that can be powered and charged without wires. Portable electronic devices become truly wireless. Devices can easily travel from home to auto to office eliminating the need for cords and physical power connections.

eCoupled technology addresses the limitations of spatial rigidity, static loads and unacceptable power losses. The eCoupled technology power supplies adapt to multiple loads and spatial configurations while maximizing energy transfer efficiencies by dynamically seeking resonance between the power supply and device at high frequencies to achieve the optimal coupling coefficient under all conditions. Energy efficiency is increased over conventional inductive coupling with power losses as low as 2 percent, making eCoupled technology comparable to hardwired connections.

eCoupled technology includes an intelligent feedback and control system, communicating with individual devices in real time, which allows the technology to determine not only power needs, but also factors such as age of a battery or device and charging lifecycles on an individual basis in order to supply the optimal amount of power to keep a device at peak efficiency.

Source: MotorAuthority

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