At Detroit Auto Show, Edag presented the Pontiac Solstice police car.
Although the car is not ment for street, it has drawn lots of attention from the Detroit police.

Edag intented to create one-off, fun vehicle done up for the Detroit show to demonstrate the company’s removable hardtop, which hits the streets in mid-February with a $2499 price tag. A removable hard top for the Saturn Sky follows in April, priced at $2,799.

Source: Inside Line

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  (6) posted on 01.12.2007

Well, I do think its cool.And further more I do think that this is necesary , as long as we keep seeing movies with cars that go with 300 on highways on youtube. What if that dude crashes in your mom’s car while she’s on her way to the grocery store, or church ??
There are multiple choises. Regards

  (8) posted on 01.12.2007

Ok, this probably seems cool to many of you, but having a Polica car with more horsepower than yours is not quite fluffly smiley

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