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French gaming firm Eden Games has had a pretty eventful life, having gone through numerous incarnations before eventually becoming the independent outfit that it is today. Even the development of the company’s first game, Gear Club, took three years before coming to fruition. But now it’s here as Gear Club is now available to download for free at the Apple App Store.

The game is what you expect it to be and it’s being touted as the most advanced and realistic mobile-facing driving game in business today. It’s got a nice list of varying cars to choose from, all of which come with fully simulated engines, powertrains, suspensions, and aerodynamic set-ups. According to Eden Games’ founder David Nadal, Gear Club is unique in that it was developed with goal of paying careful attention to the nuances of each car in the game, something that no other game in the mobile space has done. "In Gear Club, every car behaves differently; some are more agile, some understeer.” Nadal added.

The company itself may be new, but the experience in game development is not. In fact, a lot of the people working with Eden Games have had experience developing popular racing game titles in the past, most notably Need for Speed: Porsche, Test Drive Unlimited, and the V-Rally franchise. It’s the classic case of a group of people going out on their own and using the experiences they learned along the way to serve their new-found purpose.

iPhone and iPad users can already download the game on their devices, but Android users will have to wait a little while longer as their version is still in the pre-registration phase.

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Temper your expectations for this one

Mobile car racing games are fun, and as someone who probably spends too much time playing them, I’m left with trying to choose between sticking to the games that I already have or giving Gear Club a shot to impress me. I already know what I’m going to do, but I will download Gear Club with tempered expectations, not because I think the game’s not going to be good, but because of the likelihood of me already suffering from car racing video game fatigue.

So I will download the game and check it out, but I’ll probably wait a few days or a week to really immerse myself because it wouldn’t be fair if I do it off the bat. I am optimistic that Gear Club will be a good gaming experience knowing Eden Games’ background in the space. Remember, this is the same develop that’s responsible for Test Drive Unlimited, arguably one of the most underrated racing video games in recent memory.

Everything about Gear Club sounds promising and the whole idea that the game is based on cars that have been developed with real-world specific mannerisms is intriguing, especially when you’re talking about the mobile platform, which is admittedly behind in terms of state-of-the art gaming experience as their console counterparts.

So we’ll see. I hope Gear Club is as good as Eden Games is hyping it up to be.

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