Edo Competition tuner is really lucky to have in its hands one of the 30 Ferrari FXXs. Although the FXX was never programmed as a model to hit the public roads, Edo Competition decided the world needed a FXX which can be released on the streets.

The standard FXX received a 6.3L V12 engine capable of 800HP and features 19-inch forged alloy wheels riding on racing slicks, brakes made of a combination of carbon fiber and ceramic, and a gearbox that can shift gears in less than 100ms. In order to furfill the German TÜV regulations Edo didn’t have to make a lot of changes. The biggest hurdle was to raise the car so it would be legal on German public roads. Other modification they brought include new brake pads, production car tires, an exhaust valve and more restrictive catalytic converter. As a nice gift, the tuner also managed to add a plus of 80HP to the existing power with the help of just a few minor ECU mods. If any of the other 29 FXX owners would like to make theirs everyday drivable, now they know where to go.


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