Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, who made a fortune estimated at more than $60 million as a class action trial lawyer, wants you to give up your SUV. Edwards, whose most recent claim to fame has been spending $500 for a haircut and charging it of to his campaign – twice – told an audience at an event sponsored by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers that Americans are willing to “sacrifice” and give up SUVs. He was asked directly if Americans should stop driving SUVs. His answer, “yes.”

Edwards’ desire for sacrifice appears directed at others, not himself. Edwards lives in a country mansion of 29,000 square feet which cost at least $6,000,000 to build and is situated on 102 acres of land. His campaign platform includes a promise to give American car makers a billion dollars a year toward “biofuels, hybrid and electric cars, hydrogen fuel cells, ultra-light materials, and drive train improvements” while he raises the CAFE fuel mileage standards to 40 mpg by 2016.
Interestingly, Edwards is singing a different song now than his own campaign website. Among the positions he takes on his website is this: “Edwards believes that everyone should be able to drive the car, truck or SUV of their choice and still enjoy high fuel economy.”

But it makes you wonder: what’s in John Edwards’ garage?

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