• Electric car gets a speeding ticket!!

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Electric car too fast

The all electric car, the Teslar Roadster is too fast for the roads in the town where it is built, for one has been caught speeding.

Electric car gets a speeding ticket!!

They may be silent and eco friendly, but when it comes to the law of any land, then we are all tied to the same brush, oh yes, even electric cars are bound to the same road laws as everyone else.

Of course calling the car an electric car is a little bit off, yes it is an all electric car and yes it has been caught speeding, yet this electric car is no ordinary car, this electric car is a Tesler Roadster, this car is a completely different animal to average run of the mill electric run around.

The car caught by traffic cops on the outskirts of San Carlos, in California which happens to be the same town that Tesler Motors, Inc are based, so perhaps this was a test drive by either a worker there or possibly even a potential new customer, who would have clearly been impressed with the performance, of course it could also be a publicity stunt, after all what’s a fine compared to the covered that the car is getting now, no it could not be that, could it?

Any way the Tesler is one of my favourite cars, based on the Lotus Elise, it has the performance of a petrol powered car reaching 60 mph from standing in around four seconds and has a top speed of over 130 mph.!

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  (12) posted on 12.22.2006

Electric cars are faster than the internal combustion! The torque is max at 0!The torque is huge!

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