• Electric Cars and Flamethrowers: Elon Musk’s Latest Product is On Fire!

Would you pay $500 for a flamethrower?

If for nothing else, Elon Musk is proving himself to be the ultimate capitalist. The loquacious owner of Tesla, NeuraLink, and The Boring Company will sell you on any product or idea he’s passionate about. It doesn’t matter if its artificial intelligence, space exploration, or autonomous vehicle technology; if Musk believes in something, the man will go to great lengths to pursue it. Apparently, Musk is also passionate about flamethrowers. Why else would he start selling them through The Boring Company? Yes, for $500 of your hard-earned money, Elon Musk will give you an actual flamethrower.

This isn’t a joke, boys, and girls. The Boring Company really is selling a flamethrower for $500. Hop on to the company’s website, and you’ll see that it’s already taking pre-orders for the product. I thought it was still a joke when I saw it, but I tried to go all the way to checkout, and there’s nothing out of the ordinary about the purchase. You put in your details, and you’re one click away from actually ordering one. I’m not interested in actually buying one, so I didn’t complete the purchase, but everything about it seems above board.

Then again, the product disclaimers leave a lot to be desired. There’s one disclaimer that reads, “Before shipping, aspiring flamethrower aficionados will be sent a terms and conditions rhyme for review and acceptance.” That doesn’t sound like a serious disclaimer for a product that could do serious damage and may not even be legal in the first place. There’s also the offer of buying a $30 fire extinguisher that the company admits is “overpriced,” but justifies the tag because it has “a cool sticker.”

Everything about it sounds like it was done for giggles. But the product itself is not a joke. These flamethrowers are real, and they really cost $500. More incredibly, they’ve been selling like hot pancakes on a cold winter morning.

According to Teslarati, The Boring Company needed only 24 hours to raise $2 million from all the pre-orders! Do the math, and that’s 4,000 flamethrowers that are on their way to new owners in the next few months. Musk said that he plans to cap production to just 20,000 units, so there’s still enough of them that are available. Once they’re sold out, Musk hinted that the next product is going to be a Freezegun.

Oh, and if you’re questioning the legality of the Flamethrower, Musk took to Twitter to explain that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) said that flamethrowers with a flame shorter than 10 feet is “A-ok.”

Well, then. Here’s $500 of my money, Elon Musk. Time to go build that Freezegun.


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