It’s coming…BMW just don’t know exactly when, where or how. BMW wants to sell electric versions of the Mini to the U.S. next summer, but it seems Mini may be having a little trouble getting its hands on enough of its own cars to make it work. Even the original plan to sell 500 Minis in California is not officially in place. Furthermore, there is no official notice of how far the cars can go on a charge or if they will be sold or leased to customers.

BMW has a problem on its hands that most U.S. automakers would kill for—it doesn’t have enough cars. Demand is up for the little autos due to their gas-frugal nature. In fact, Mini USA’s Vice President Jim McDowell sees sales possibly slipping because it can’t meet current customer demand. So once that happens, BMW may finally be able to pluck a few Minis off the lot and charge ‘em up.


Source: CNN

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