When Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences announced the Electric RaceAbout (E-RA) last month, many didn’t pay much attention to it, but those same people are taking notice now. The E-RA has turned out to be a real menace out on the track, setting the new EV record at the Nurburgring.

The E-RA was driven by German race driver, Ralf Kelleners, during the attempt in which he needed to complete a full lap of 20,832 km in a time of only 8 minutes and 42.372 seconds. The world famous curvy and hilly Nurburgring track is also known as "Grüne Hölle" - Green Hell - and widely used to benchmark the automotive top performance. It was put to good use for this attempt.

The average speed for the lap was 88 mph and the top speed was clocked in at 147 mph. What’s more impressive is that, during testing, the car hit a top speed of 151 mph. The E-RA consumed 25.6 kWh during its record lap, measured as energy taken from the grid to recharge the battery. This results in an energy consumption of 1230 Wh/km or 123 kWh/100km for the lap.


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