Recently, Electronic Arts, the game’s developer, unveiled the latest video game in the NFS franchise, "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit".

Taken from its title - and a number of similar games with the same title that were released years ago - NFS: Hot Pursuit is a cops versus racers-type race case that features both solo and online play that can be accessed through the franchise’s new online network, "Need for Speed Autolog". By using the network, online gamers will be given the opportunity to log in their scores and provide personalized gameplay recommendations. As per the game itself, players will have the opportunity to choose either the role of a cop or racer for a full career and can have their pick of any number of exotic cars in Hot Pursuit.

According to Craig Sullivan, the game’s creative director, "At Criterion, we’ve been playing Need for Speed since it was first introduced on 3DO. We are honored and excited by the opportunity to reinvent the franchise for today’s connected audience."

"Our goal has been to create cops vs. racers pursuits that are so fun, fast and exciting it really brings to life the adrenaline and intensity of the high speed cop pursuit experience with your friends."

You don’t have to tell us that, Mr. Sullivan. While we expect to see and hear more about Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit in the coming months, it does make us a little more at ease knowing that EA has already given a release date for their new NFS video game -November 16 on the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Nintendo Wii.
It’s refreshing, isn’t it? Unlike that other racing game that keeps getting delayed with no release date in sight.

Check out the reveal trailer for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit after the jump.

Source: EA

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  (858) posted on 03.21.2011

NFS is a good racing games and really can compete with the GT5 but I guess GT5 is much superior. I have played both games and GT5 has a huge features than NFS.

  (647) posted on 10.21.2010

Are they doing this for the sake of the thing they might call the competition?

  (442) posted on 10.21.2010

Awesome! I loved the original Hot Pursuit when I was a kid. I always loved taking on the role of a cop, can’t wait for this to come out!

  (341) posted on 10.18.2010

This make me so happy... i loved playing this game which seemed so long ago...

  (379) posted on 06.17.2010

Me and my friends are waiting for it’s release.. we have a collected almost every Need For Speed Games.. i can’t wait to grab one... Grrrr....

  (205) posted on 06.16.2010

Wonderful, the graphics are really advance. Well, am sure this is going to be very successful on the market.

  (313) posted on 06.16.2010

The open world is similar to what Criterion used in their most recent game, Burnout Paradise.

  (228) posted on 06.15.2010

Huh, isn’t that the need for speed Hot Pursuit is already lunch 13 years ago? so what is this? an enhancement to the old hot pursuit?

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