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Have you ever wanted to be a race car driver, but are a little hesitant about the inherent dangers associated with hitting a wall at 200 MPH? The designers at Elite Sim Design have just what you are looking for. The problem with traditional simulators is the high cost of ownership. The Elite Racer Pro, is a fully functional racing simulator at a fraction of the price.

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Elite Racer Pro
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The ERP has a stylish, timeless and consummate design that fully enhances the superiority of the simulator. Each and every simulator is built, finished and assembled individually by hand in the UK.

The Elite Racer Pro comes in an exceptional dual tone (black, fade to silver) hand polished finish. Full customization in any combination of colors is always available.

All the physical properties of the chassis have been tested by genuine track day and supercar drivers and re-engineered to ensure the ride is as authentic an experience as possible. A commercial grade chassis, available for the first time in your own home.

Race Simulation Equipment

Elite Racer Pro
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The ERP features the most widely regarded wheel and pedal simulator set in the world. Provided by US company, ECCI, the Trackstar 6000 wheel delivers the most true to life performance available, all backed up by their patented dampening technology. It has to be tried to be believed!

The pedal set is equally as magnificent and allows for a full range of different techniques. Each and every element can be augmented to suit individual driving style. The fully adjustable chassis geometry allows for changes in pedal tension along with a widely adjustable range for maximum breaking force and initial preload.

As with all top sports cars, a state of the art paddle set has been fitted to the steering wheel. With unmatched durability and the unprecedented precision of zero mechanical slop, these paddles are so advanced that many sets have actually been sold to "real world" racers looking to adopt a semi-automatic gear shift system.

Audio Equipment and Vibration Effects

The ERP is kitted out with the latest in surround sound technology. A full SONY™ Bravia 5.1 surround sound set-up has been preinstalled to provide cutting edge realism, the closest to actual racing available.

With our incredible top-of-the-range Crowson™ vibration setup you can really feel every groove and rut on the track. These "vibration pads" installed under the seat are perfect for the recreation of low end audio helping to create an unbeatable in-game rush.
PC Hardware

At the heart of the simulator lies a powerful engine – an amazing Quad-Core PC with 4 GB of memory and a 500 GB hard drive with a high spec Nvidia SLI graphics card to enable all current PC based race simulation titles.

Race Seating

Elite Racer Pro
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Only authentic racing seats are used as made by the best brands in the business. For the most comfortable and luxurious ride, a branded racing seat (with fully adjustable rails) comes as standard with every racer. A range of seating upgrades (Recaro, Bride, etc) is also available.

Viewing Options

The ERP comes fully equipped with a full high definition 1080p LCD screen that really helps to make any game spring to life. The screen can be optional and there are a number of other viewing options including triple screen set-ups, Vuzix™ I-Wear virtual reality glasses or even a full projector/home cinema set-up.

One of the best things about the ERP is that it can play almost every available PC-based racing game that you would ever wish to play. With an unprecedented range of race simulation titles including the new GTR Evolution, the R-factor series and many others, you will never run out of new experiences to test out on this unrivaled race simulator.

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  (702) posted on 08.24.2010

This is cool, but for some gamers that have less money, they can’t afford this one.

  (571) posted on 02.25.2010

Fascinating. One of the things that I look for and actually spend money on are controls for my gaming consoles. I haven’t actually completed a driving set just yet as it is expensive here in my country and they are sold by parts. Wheels, pedals, and a lot of yoga to be able to earn money for them. lol

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