Any boy that has spent an inordinate time of their childhood playing with Hot Wheels mini cars should owe a ton of gratitude to the man that made it all possible, Elliot Handler.

We know that we’ve played with over hundreds of these cars so it is with great sadness that we bring the unfortunate news that Handler just passed away last Thursday from heart failure. He was 95 years old.

Despite his passing, Handler left an indelible mark on our childhood with some even stretching their fascination for Hot Wheels all the way into their adult lives. The man became famous for introducing die-cast toy cars that can be played around by young boys the same way his other idea - Barbie - did for young girls all over the world.

Over time, Hot Wheels has become one of the go-to toys for kids of all ages and the brand’s success has resulted in well over 10,000 models today. Some of these have even become collector’s items that sell for over five digits depending on the interested buyer.

Indeed, Elliot Handler was one of those people that impacted the lives of young boys all over the world. Lord knows we can testify that without those Hot Wheels in our living rooms, we probably wouldn’t have the same passion for cars.

Rest in peace, Mr. Handler.


Source: Washington Post

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