Pettiness abounds in this story

You don’t want to challenge Elon Musk while he’s in a middle of a tweetstorm. You just might get what’s coming to you. No more was that on full display than when Musk was challenged to remove the Facebook pages of Tesla and SpaceX to prove that he was “the man.” As a result, both Facebook pages, which contained millions of followers each, have now been deleted.

Elon Musk was in full form. The Tesla CEO who is known to be a voracious user of Twitter was answering a flurry of tweets when he responded to a tweet from WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, which contained the hashtag #deletefacebook. Musk coyly responded by asking what Facebook was, and at that point, the Twitter wolves descended.

One user, in particular, challenged Musk to delete SpaceX’s Facebook page if he was “the man.” After a few interactions with other people, another user posted a screenshot of the SpaceX Facebook page, to which Musk responded by saying that it was the first time he had seen it and that it would “be gone soon.”

Sure enough, SpaceX’s Facebook page is no longer accessible as I’m writing this. Musk, though, took it a step further by also deleting Tesla’s Facebook page in response to more challenges of his masculinity, adding that the page “looked lame anyway.” And for good measure, try looking for Solar City’s Facebook page. That’s been deleted, too, because Musk is “the man.”

On a more serious note, the hashtag #deletefacebook surged to trending status in the wake of allegations that consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked on President Donald Trump’s election campaign, improperly acquired data from 50 million Facebook users, forcing the social media network to answer complaints about the rights to privacy of its users.

In Musk’s case, don’t expect the Facebook pages of Tesla, SpaceX, and Solar City to remain in the dark. They’ll come back, and if somebody calls Musk to the carpet about their return, he’ll already have the perfect response to them.

“You didn’t say forever, pal.”


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