And everyone thought he was just kidding!

Back when Elon Musk started posting on social media about digging his own tunnels, everyone thought he was just ranting about traffic and joking around. Then, not that long afterward, he began digging a tunnel in SpaceX’s parking lot, and we saw an image of his first boring machine – now called Godot – shortly after delivery. Things have been rather quiet since someone over at SpaceX posted that early image of Godot a couple of weeks ago, but Elon has taken it upon himself to show us just how serious he really is.

What was once considered to be a company of just “a few engineers and interns” has apparently grown substantially in a short period. Unless, of course, Musk has been working those poor people 24/7. See in just a couple short weeks, The Boring Company hasn’t only put together the staging area for the first tunnel but has also put Godot into position and has begun putting it to use. Musk even posted a picture of their pet Slug (Gary) and said a race is about to be underway. So what’s next? Well, the first full-length tunnel will run from LAX to Santa Monica, Westwood, and Sherman Oaks, with plans to eventually cover all of Los Angeles in the future. Curious to know what it will look like cruising through one of these tunnels? Keep reading to see a video of an electric sled – what will transport cars through the tunnels, being put to the test.

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We’re talking 125 mph

Warning: This video could trigger a seizure in those with epilepsy or motion sickness, so please proceed with caution


Elon Musk's Tunnel System Slowly Comes to Life
- image 716511
Elon Musk's Tunnel System Slowly Comes to Life
- image 716510
Gary the Slug Godot in position

To be clear, this isn’t actually one of the tunnels that Musk is currently digging. This appears as if the electric sled is being tested in Musk’s Hyperloop test track. Be that as it may, this thing is hauling ass and will certainly make traveling much quicker (and hopefully safer) than the same trip via conventional roadways. Musk claims a trip from Westwood to LAX would take just five minutes via his tunnel service. And, while the tunnel digging process is actually going quite slow at the moment (Godot hasn’t even been completely put together quite yet), Musk wants to increase digging speed from 300 feet per week up to as much as one mile per week. It doesn’t sound like much, but digging out tons and tons of earth isn’t exactly an easy feat.

What do you think? Will these tunnels ever be completed and, if so, will the revolutionize the way we travel?

Source: Elon Musk - Instagram

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