His tweets are damn near as good as gold

Whatever comes out of Elon Musk’s Twitter account might as well be taken seriously from now on. Remember, that was the forum Musk used to let the world know of his plans to sell Tesla merchandise to help fund his many business endeavors. It was also where he got the idea of selling flamethrowers to help send Falcon Heavy on its maiden voyage to outer space. Recently, Musk also tweeted about plans to put up an “old school drive-in, roller skates & rock restaurant.” Well, don’t look now because that retro restaurant may actually come to life.

Roller Skates and Movies: Tesla Supercharger Locations Could End Up as Drive-In Theaters
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The application describes the automaker’s plan to build a “Tesla restaurant and supercharger station” at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard.

The latest development on the Tesla restaurant comes in the form of building permits that Tesla has applied for in the city of Santa Monica, California. The application describes the automaker’s plan to build a “Tesla restaurant and supercharger station” at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard. The address is reportedly being used now as a used-car lot for Volvo of Santa Monica.

Whatever Tesla’s specific plans are, the permit isn’t telling. All it shows is that it’s in a “pre-submittal,” phase, which means it likely hasn’t been approved or denied by the city government just yet. It did cost Tesla the amount of $2,747.72, which the company paid last week. Expect Musk to make some announcement once something concrete happens with this permit.

In the meantime, the Tesla CEO isn’t backing down from his vision of turning the location into more than just a Supercharger station. Adding to the retro-inspired theme of the restaurant would be an outdoor screen playing a highlight reel of scenes from classic movies. The restaurant’s menu would also be integrated with the touchscreen inside Tesla vehicles, allowing drivers and passengers to order their food without having to get out of their cars or pass the drive-thru section.

If this drive-in restaurant does come to life, think of it as an evolution of the Kettleman City Supercharger, the largest Supercharger station that Tesla currently has. The station made news in the past for not only having 40 charging stations, but for also having its own lounge area for drivers. If the rock-n-skates drive-in Supercharger restaurant — is that how you even describe it? — pushes through, you can add it as another feather in the cap of Elon Musk. At this point, maybe he should start his own coffee shop to take on Starbucks, too.


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