Looks like Elon Musk is dropping a bomb on the world with what may be an all-new car. We know that the Model X, and the Model III are coming, but the eccentric entrepreneur has posted a teaser photo of what he is calling “the D.” Yes, the jokes write themselves. Sadly, that joke is all we really have to go on. The teaser image is nothing more than a silhouette and some headlights that are peeking out from behind a garage door.

Aside from Musk’s equally cryptic “About time to unveil the D and something else” tweet that accompanied the photo, we have literally nothing else to go on. So, since we have zero facts, let’s make up a bunch of stuff!

Some of the more obvious items are things like a new Tesla Model D that is smaller and sportier than the S, but still bigger than the III. Maybe D stands for Dynamic and it will have better acceleration and handling. Musk has talked about how in a few years the Model S with have such technology that it can drive itself 90-percent of the time, so maybe the “D” is a drive system to make that happen.

But I like to think about crazy things that don’t exist but should. Like what if the Model D was an electric Ute for the Australian Market and “D” is for “down under?” Perhaps D is going to be a car that transforms like the sports car/van from the Inspector Gadget cartoons all those years ago. How freaking cool would that be? What if the D turned out to be a new sports car to replace the much loved Tesla Roadster? It should have 700 horsepower, AWD and hit 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Then the Model D can stand for “damn fast.”

Hey Musk, if you need a hand with marketing and model design, give me a ring. I have lots of really cool ideas.

Whatever this “D” is, it will be unveiled in a week. Come back then and we will happily tell you all about what Tesla actually announces.

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Why It Matters

It matters simply because it’s exciting. Musk and the team at Tesla seem to consistently destroy ideas, bend minds and generally create truly groundbreaking and innovative products. As a real automotive enthusiast, I love the fact that I can still get excited about things like this. In the age of the internet, I get even more excited by the fact that there is actually the potential for a "secret model." With our great spy photographers and lightning-fast access to information, we know about every new car that is coming for what seems like decades before they actually see the light of day.

Elon Musk Teases Something New; Calls It "The D"
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Source: Reuters

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