It sounds feasible, but strapping a rocket to his ass didn’t work out so well for the coyote did it?

I don’t know how many times I’ve come to you guys with news that Elon Musk is changing the world and revolutionizing travel, and yet, here I am again with another new development. Okay, to be fair, this isn’t really a new development, but more like a refreshed idea based on other ideas that have already been partially set in motion. Call it an expansion of Elon’s mind and the answer the question we were left with earlier in the week when Musk mentioned he had recognized some “unrealized applications” of SpaceX technology. Well, today the man finally got to speak his mind at the IAC2017 (International Astronautical Congress), and his main talk involved the redefining of his first manned mission to Mars. We’ll talk more about that later, as there are some pretty cool things to discuss, but what’s more important is that Musk is – for once – thinking with a more down to earth approach.

So down to earth, in fact, that he’s talking about traveling anywhere in the world – that’s right; from any location to any location – in less than an hour. We’re talking about Hong Kong to Singapore in 22 minutes or Los Angeles to London in just 32 minutes. Hell, a trip from L.A. to N.Y. would take just 25 minutes. That’s right; we’re talking about crossing the country in less than a half hour and crossing the world in less than an hour – now that’s what I like to call fast. Apparently, this will be possible with Elon Musk’s theoretical rocket, dubbed BFR or “Big Fucking Rocket” (no, we’re not kidding about the name,) which will lift a SpaceX spaceship into orbit around the earth. The ship with then target its destination and begin its descent back to the planet, ultimately settling on floating pads near most major cities. Neither the rocket or spaceship exist at this time, but Musk claims construction could hopefully start within the next six to nine months. Want to learn more about it? Keep reading!

So... from L.A. into Orbit, to Shaghai in 36 Minutes.... sound’s legit

In theory, passengers would load into a luxurious boat – most likely a Tesla boat because why not? – and will be taken to the floating launch pad. They will board the rocket, which happens to be the same one that will carry humans to Mars in 2024, and launch toward the heavens. This also involves hitting a maximum speed of 27,000 kph or 16,777 mph. Once in orbit, the rocket will break off (instead of heading to our red neighbor) and land itself at a predetermined location. Once the ship lands, passengers will disembark, make their way to another luxurious boat, and arrive safe and sound less than an hour later in their destination city. Now, the only thing left to sort out is how the U.S. government and other world governments will ruin the experience with security and how we’ll handle the sheer chaos involved with international travel. You know they’ll still require passports and luggage checks – there goes that half travel time, huh?

Anyway, with this in mind, it could be a really nice idea, but one really has to wonder how good it will be for the environment, whether or not it’s affordable enough to be feasible, and if your average joe could actually make the trip. After all, anyone going into space and dealing with the sheer force of traveling fast enough to leave this big ball of rock has to go through a pretty extensive medical evaluation. But, what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. And, if you’re curious about the projected times between most major cities, check out the chart below – we’ve compiled a fairly huge list just for you.

Travel Path Time
Hong Kong – Singapore 22 MIN
L.A. – Toronto 24 MIN
L.A. – NYC 25 MIN
Bangkok – Dubai 27 MIN
Tokyo – Singapore 28 MIN
London – Dubai 29 MIN
London – NYC 29 MIN
NYC – Paris 30 MIN
Honolulu – Tokyo 30 MIN
Tokyo – Delhi 30 MIN
Melbourne – Singapore 30 MIN
Sydney - Singapore 31 MIN
L.A. – London 32 MIN
London – Cape town 34 MIN
London – Hong Kong 34 MIN
Sydney – Tokyo 35 MIN
L.A. – Buenos Aires 35 MIN
L.A. – Shanghai 36 MIN
Sydney - Delhi 36 MIN
NYC – Tokyo 37 MIN
Sydney – Johannesburg 37 MIN
Delhi – San Francisco 40 MIN
L.A. – Adelaide 42 MIN
Sydney – Dubai 40 MIN
Sydney – Athens 47 MIN
L.A. – Johannesburg 50 MIN
Sydney – Zurich 50 MIN


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