What, if anything, is the intellect at McLaren?
Caught dead to rights cheating, McLaren is now whining that Lewis Hamilton should be the F1 driver’s champion. But, there is no reason to believe that the FIA, even were it to agree with the decidedly dishonest McLaren team, would impose a sanction that would award the coveted driver’s championship to Hamilton.
Were the FIA to agree that two teams utterly uninvolved in the mess that McLaren created in this year’s Formula One series should be penalized, there is still no reason to believe that the penalty would take away driver’s points. After all, despite the fact that Fernado Alonso admitted that he had knowingly and dishonestly participated in the use of stolen Ferrari information, the FIA let him get out of the problem with absolutely NO penalty. He should have been disqualified for the season and the next, as was his team. But that didn’t happen. It is hard to see how the FIA can punish anyone for the technical infraction of the team when it let the non-technical infraction of a championship contender pass without penalty.
No. The McLaren “appeal” is nothing but the embarrassing whine of a losing team.

Ralph Kalal
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