Partnership with Pininfarina and HWA could give birth to the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision by Pininfarina

Motor racing fans remember Emerson Fittipaldi as one of only a handful of racers to win the Indianapolis 500 and the Formula One world championship. At 70 years old, Fittipaldi still races occasionally, but today, the two-time F1 title-holder is in the news for an entirely different reason, one that specifically involves the creation of a supercar under the brand name Fittipaldi Motors.

Yes, the great Brazilian racer is dipping his toes in auto production where he’ll receive help from no less than iconic Italian design house Pininfarina and German engineering firm HWA to build a supercar that’s been christened the “Fittipaldi EF7 Vision by Pininfarina.”

Not much is known about the EF7 Vision at this point but the supercar is expected to make its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show this coming March. In preparation for that highly anticipated event, Fittipaldi Motors has released the first teaser image of the EF7 and not surprisingly for a car that we all know little about, the image doesn’t show us anything other than a small look at one of its rear quarter panels. That said, the image does hint at something you rarely see in the auto industry these days: a carbon split rear spoiler. The muscular shoulder of the EF7 also serves as a nice preview of what’s to come while the cockpit-style roof possibly indicates a non-traditional interior layout.

We’re admittedly shooting from the hip with all of these observations so take all of it with a pinch of salt, at least until we hear more details about the supercar ahead of its March 2017 debut in Geneva. For now, digest what you can of the EF7’s teaser image and hope that it turns into the kind of production-ready supercar that enthusiasts and neophytes will come to appreciate.

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Promising concept, but let’s see it first before making any judgments

Emerson Fittipaldi Is Now Building A Supercar
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The Fittipaldi EF7 Vision by Pinnifarina is the kind of car that we get most excited about at auto shows as big as Geneva. Remember, we actually get to see a lot of these types of concepts specifically at that show, including Pininfarina, which has used it over the years to showcase some of its newest car projects. Anybody remember the the Pininfarina 2uettottanta from 2010? How about the Cambiano from 2012, the Sergio Pininfarina Tribute Concept in 2013, or most recently, the H2 Speed from 2016?

So if the EF7 Vision comes to Geneva next month, it could very well be Pininfarina’s offering for the show. Not that I’m complaining because the concept has the potential to steal a lot of looks in Geneva with a design that’s, shall I say, promising, to say the least. We may not know a whole lot about it at the moment, but the mystery behind it is part of why we like auto shows like Geneva.

Sure, nobody knows if the EF7 Vision will turn into a production car in the future. That’s a far trickier question to answer considering how very little of these concepts do make production. Fortunately, even if the EF7 Vision does end up as merely a concept of Fittipaldi Motors, we can at least take comfort knowing that we can still take the supercar prototype through its paces, albeit in the digital world.

Yes, the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision by Pininfarina may not have a clear road ahead to production status, but at least the car is scheduled to be available in the next Gran Turismo video game. That’s one thing we can all look forward to seeing.

Source: Facebook - Pininfarina

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