• Emirates Airlines Gets A Helping Hand From A Luxury Automaker On Designing Its First-Class Suites

It even got a recognizable endorser to promote it

Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to partnering with some of the most well-known companies in the world. Now, the German automaker is taking to the skies with Emirates Airlines in one of the most significant collaborations between the two companies since agreeing to join forces back in 2014. It’s hardly a surprise that the scope of the partnership revolves around Mercedes’ involvement in designing Emirates’ new first-class cabin using no less than the new S-Class for inspiration.

Apparently, the results of this partnership bore fruit three years after Mercedes and Emirates designers first met to hash out the details on the scope of their work. It’s a slow play, sure, but the results did end up drawing heavily from the interior of the S-Class, including the materials that were chosen, the controls that were used, and the all-around workmanship that was done to turn these enclosed suites into the closest thing to five-star hotel rooms in the sky. Mercedes’ work certainly caught the attention of Emirates, including president Sir Tim Clark, who described the suites as offering “unprecedented levels of privacy, comfort, and luxury.” And to cap it all off, Emirates even enlisted the services of Jeremy Clarkson, a man who himself is no stranger to hyperbole, to promote the new suites. It seems like the airline made a right call on that one too because Clarkson was his usual Clarkson self in the ad, promoting just about everything he could think of, including the pajamas.

So, in the event that you do end up flying first class on Emirates Airlines, remember that those suites that you’ll likely end up enjoying are the work of Mercedes-Benz.

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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Emirates Airlines Gets A Helping Hand From A Luxury Automaker On Designing Its First-Class Suites
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