• Emissions Cheating: Did Porsche Jump Into the Swamp with Volkswagen?

German officials are trying to figure it out right now

Volkswagen played a risky game when it decided to cheat on emissions testing. The Dieselgate scandal has tarnished the brand’s reputation that will take many years rebuild. But, it isn’t only VW that has come under scrutiny for cheating, as the massive scandal triggered investigations of other automakers as well. Mitsubishi and Chevrolet have since found to have been involved in misstating MPG figures, while brands like Opel, Daimler, Fiat, PSA, and Renault have all been found or accused of cheating as well. All were to a lesser extent than VW, but it’s cheating nonetheless. Now, Porsche is being investigated for using a cheating device similar to that of Volkswagen.

It all started for Porsche when insiders told a German newspaper known as WirtshaftsWoche that Porsche was indeed cheating. The investigation is being conducted by Germany’s Motor Transport Authority known as KBA. The purpose of the investigation is whether or not some Porsche models have software that can detect if a car is undergoing examination and, subsequently, engage a “Special” mode to dramatically cut back on power output, CO2 emissions, and increase fuel economy. The software in question is that which detects steering wheel movement – an easy way to determine if the car is actually being driven or sitting on a machine, as the steering wheel generally isn’t moved during emissions testing.

We tried to reach out to Porsche for comment, but have yet to receive a response. Carbuzz, however, has reported that a Porsche Spokesman has denied all allegations, claiming that the data from the steering wheel sensors are only used to help calculate shift points. So far, there’s no word as to what models here in the U.S. could be affected, but the 911 is one model that makes use of a steering angle sensor, so if Porsche really is cheating, you can bet the 911 will be on the list of cars affected.

Naughty Naughty

Volkswagen getting caught sure did open a big can of worms, didn’t it? It was an eye opener for regulators in the U.S. and Europe, and now it seems like everyone is getting caught up in the scandal wave. Considering the fact that Porsche is under the VW umbrella, it really isn’t surprising that the brand could very well have been cheating too, but don’t throw Porsche under the wagon quite yet. Considering the steering angle sensor on Porsche vehicles really are used to help determine shift points, it’s possible that Porsche hasn’t done anything foul. Then again, with emissions regulations being so strict these days, automakers almost have to cheat just to keep up – something they are all hoping will change with a Trump presidency.

Do you think Porsche is one of many who have been cheating or are regulators just being paranoid and greedy after catching VW in the act?

Source: Wiwo.de

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