The relationship between a racing team and a tire manufacturer can often spell the difference between success and mediocrity. If the two are on the same page, the sky can be the limit. If they’re not, well, we’ve seen those relationships disintegrate before our very eyes.

For Porsche and Michelin, their relationship is far more special than other partnerships of this sort. The two companies have been involved in each other’s success in motorsports, going all the way back to Porsche’s dominant run at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It’s a relationship that was cultivated for success from the very beginning, and to this day, both Porsche and Michelin rely on each other to continue that partnership. It’s no secret that these two companies have developed, as the title of the video so eloquently puts it, an enduring bond that has lasted the test of time.

Now that Porsche is poised for another dominant run at Le Mans with the 919 Hybrid,Michelin will once again be by its side, providing the “race car of tomorrow” with the “tires of tomorrow”.

When all is said and done, and the history books write the chapter about Porsche’s motorsports legacy, you can be sure that Michelin will occupy a great deal of space in those pages.


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