The typical gearhead knows a thing or two about getting down and dirty under his vehicle. Oil changes, brake jobs, spark plug swaps, and water pump replacements – it’s all done in fun with a grand sense of accomplishment and ownership when the task is done and the tools are wiped clean.

It’s that sense of accomplishment after a job well done that Craftsman will be instilling in the participants of its annual MAKEcation event coming this September 24 through 27 in Brooklyn, New York. The event plays host to several skilled artisans and craftspeople who will guide and coach attendees through a weekend-long workshop where things will be made and spirits will be high. Craftsman’s MAKEcation is basically a DIYer’s chance to sharpen her existing skills and learn some new ones.

Best of all, you can win your trip for free!

Yep, Craftsman is giving away spots to its MAKEcation event. All you need to do is register as a Craftsman Club member, then enter to win. (Enter Here!) It’s that easy. What’s Craftsman Club, you ask? Think of it as a manly version of Pinterest combined with forums that cover a variety of topics, from home repair and woodworking to blacksmithing and of course, automotive interests. What’s more, Craftsman Club members get super-deep discounts and coupons on Craftsman gear through the “Deal of the Day” program.

The deadline to enter for the MAKEcation is fast approaching. All entries must be in by July 31, 2015.

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Enter To Win a "MAKEcation" From Craftsman
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In the spirit of DIY and automotive repair, here’s a little tip that can save you from headaches, embarrassment, and costly repairs: Properly torque everything!

Let’s say you’ve just finished an at-home tire rotation on your 2+2 sports coupe. You properly rotated the tires corner to corner and front to back (considering your car has non-directional tires and each tire is the same size on all four corners), you’ve tightened the lug nuts to a firm snug, and have lowered the car off jack stands. Now is the time to set each lug nut to the proper factory specs.

By checking either online or in your owners manual, you’ll find the proper torque spec specified by the manufacturer. Use a quality torque wrench to finish tightening each lug nut. In my case, I’m using an old-school torque wrench that belonged to my grandfather. This family heirloom still works great and shows exactly how much torque I’m putting onto a nut or bolt.

My 2015 Scion FR-S test car specifies its lug nuts should be torqued to 89 foot-pounds. I check each nut while moving in a star pattern so as not to damage the wheel or the car’s wheel hub. With each nut securely fastened, I know I won’t have a tire come loose while I’m mid-corner on a winding country road. That wouldn’t be fun.

Enter To Win a "MAKEcation" From Craftsman
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Enter To Win a "MAKEcation" From Craftsman
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