Another Enzo crash but now is all on tape. Not a multi-billionaire maybe just a millionaire and not a business man but a actor form the next road trip / cannonball movie Red Line. Eddie Griffin takes the Enzo Ferrari of the Producer of his new movie, Redline for a test drive, and the consequences are obvious. The short test drive, (a drive in circle) demands to much know-how from the star, and the results are catastrophically. A poor Enzo of 1,5Millions $ is damaged seriously. If you wish to enjoy the RedLine you should try to avoid this short movie. Question; where can a movie-star be good at driving a Ferrari? Only in a movie!

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pdaix  (431) posted on 03.27.2007

We already know that the producer of the movie RedLine already committed to destroy a real Porsche GT during the shooting of his movie.

I think the guy is clearly trying to get as much buzz as he an before the Red Line movie come out on the theater.

What is $400.000 damage on his Enzo compared to the cost of advertising nowadays.. I think this is a good move and that this is completely staged!

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