In any successful racing team, one of the most important things a team could have is an underlying devotion towards the team concept. It’s not all about what your individual goals are, but what your team goals are and how you can accomplish these goals by working together as one.

In the tenth episode of Corvette Racing’s Track to Street series, the Corvette Racing Team emphasizes the value of teamwork and how it has played an integral part in the team’s overall success. Given that they compete in a sport that’s so competitive you can only succeed by embracing an attitude of the sum being greater than the individual parts, the Corvette Racing Team not only embraces that mantra, but also applies it in how they work together as one to achieve a common goal.

More than that, though, it’s the fact that the team considers every member as part of a family. A family that, on the surface, works countless hours together, goes on the road together, and spends an unequivocal amount of time surrounded by each other. But if you look at the roots of this team, the very core that has made this team uniquely successful throughout the years, you’re going to see a solid foundation, one built on trust, teamwork, and a common dedication to build the best possible racing team they can be.

Because while speed counts in the world of auto racing, a solid team that works hard together and roots for each other counts a little more.

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  (619) posted on 10.15.2010

Oh so very true.....the Vette sounds awesome!!

  (340) posted on 10.12.2010

Wow these are so cool! Hope I could have those!

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