U.S.-made supercar makes dashing first impression

American-made supercars haven’t gained the kind of traction that its counterparts from Europe have. Perhaps it’s apprehension among U.S. automakers to regularly make cars of this caliber, leaving the hard work up to small-time shops that don’t have the same amount of resources to piece together a sustainable exotic.

Then there’s Exotic Rides, an Orlando-based customization shop that has been in business of building and customizing cars for the better part of 20 years. It’s not a mom-and-pop shop by any means, but compared to the Fords and General Motors of the U.S. auto scene, it might as well be. But that hasn’t stopped the company from pushing forward with its plan to build its first supercar, which it has dubbed the ER W70.

We’ve seen and heard of the ER W70 before. In fact, it was first brought to our attention back in November 2014 as an ambitious project that Exotic Rides planned to build with the help of Australian designer David Williams. It’s been a little over 16 months since the W70 made the news, but after months of tireless work, Exotic Rides finally unveiled the W70 back in February 2016.

Check out the video of the supercar’s first walk-through. And to Exotic Rides’ credit, it was able to take Williams’ incredible design and make it come to life. Hopefully, we see and hear more from the 626-horsepower supercar in the future. It’s already come this far, so why not shoot for the stars, right?

2016 Exotic Rides W70

2016 Exotic Rides W70 Exterior
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Exotic Rides is claiming it’ll rock the supercar world... Will it succeed or get tossed onto the heap of dead supercar claims?

Read our full review on the 2016 Exotic Rides W70 here.

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