Even though the sport of drifting originated in the land of the rising sun, that doesn’t mean European machines cannot participate in the sideways antics. No one demonstrates this better than South Florida drifter Eric Mahle. Eric appears to be unstoppable flicking the wheel of his turbocharged BMW E30 back and forth getting maximum angle from his German built drift machine. But not just any car can drift. Mr. Mahle has put in countless hours dialing in the suspension setup and tuning the now boosted straight six to create the perfect blend of handling and power that makes rubber donuts cry uncle.


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ErickM  (1) posted on 04.15.2009

Not that much really. Probably around 300hp. I never got a chance to dyno it though.

My main idea was to not push the car much so I would keep the car as reliable as possible. These motors kept going through 30 events each with nothing but oil changes before anything major happened.

Thanks for the compliments guys =)

And special thanks to Terence and Phil for putting the video up here!!

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ErickM  (78) posted on 04.14.2009

Driting Literature: Ryan Stevens of Velocity Racing Team Japan explains that drifting is basically getting your car sideways down a road. It means that instead of a drifter causing a drift and then countering to straighten out, he will instead over-counter so his car goes into another drift. Woah that’s not realy easy. No wonder why drift racers do it in the mountains for the sharp turns and curves.

BMWM6  (488) posted on 04.14.2009

crazy but that probably has alot of power

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