This past weekend, Royal Purple Raceway, situated near Houston, Texas, played host to TX2K15, an annual gathering of some of the fastest machinery in the country. On the docket were four days of high-speed events, including rolling straight-line racing, dyno runs, and heads-up quarter mile racing, not to mention the obligatory nighttime meet up with food, drinks, exhibition cars, and a few bikini-clad hotties.

One team that made the journey was Extreme Turbo Systems, based out of Vancouver, Washington. The crew brought with them one outrageously fast Nissan GT-R shop car, and simply put, the machine is a beast down the 1,320. With enough boost to blow down a building and enough traction to rip a hole in time, this built import managed to lay down a pass of 7.49 at 189 mph, a feat the team claims makes this particular Godzilla a world record holder. The fact that it appears as though there’s a full-weight interior makes it even more amazing.

The ET and trap speed are both very impressive, and the ETS squad should be more than happy with the result. However, if I know one thing about quarter-mile records and the R35, I know it’s unlikely they’ll hold the title for long. The names AMS and Alpha & Omega come to mind.

But beyond the bench racing, this is a very cool video. In particular, I like the multiple angles, especially the rear view, which offers a good sense of just how fast this thing accelerates once everything hooks up. Plus, the inside shot with the mayhem at launch is just hilarious.

Congratulations ETS!

Nissan GT-R

2014 Nissan GT-R High Resolution Exterior
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